Crimson Cogward



Crimson Cogward was one of the first faces the PCs saw aboard the Wormwood, since he was backing up Master Scourge.

Crimson Cogward (so called after the colour his neck turns when he’s angry) is a loner, and prone to incredible rages and dark moods. He wears a blue Varisian scarf tied tight around his shaven head to hide the scar left when his ear was bitten off in a bar fight. Cog gets pleasure from little other than combat and is quick to get into fistfights, whether because of a chance remark or simple bad luck.

A devout follower of Pharasma, Cog prays regularly (particularly after combat) and participates in all Pharasmin religious festivals if possible.

Cogward was also one of the crew who delayed the PC’s on the second morning.

Since the mutiny, Crimson has been subdued in his behaviour. He seems wary to start fights until he gets a better idea of how the new management do business. Other than that, he is still anti-social, but coming a little out of his shell. He has stated of Scourge and Plugg that their time came, as it was fated, and shaped by their deeds.


Crimson Cogward

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