Ambrose Kroop



Ship’s Cook.

Ambrose Kroop was technically one of the Wormwood‘s officers, but the drunken cook had more in common with the ship’s press-ganged sailors than with the ship’s cruel officers. He took solace in the company of Black-Hearted Bezebel, his favourite among his pet poultry.

Having escaped the life boon held by Harrigan, Ambrose spirits have drastically improved. He has gained a new enthousiasm for a life of piracy and is much more engaged with the goings on of the ship. Furthermore, he is now sober enough to perform his duties nearly every day. He has dropped the moniker of Fishguts, and has had his dirty clothing magically cleaned. Other than the grease, rum, and chicken, he looks damn near respectable.

Equipment carried: padded armour, daggers (4), frying pan, steadfast grapple, bottle of rum


Ambrose Kroop

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