Idoki Tia'yeri

A rather foolish wizard from the shadow realm



Cleric Wizard 6

Mythic Archmage Tier 3

Curse: Star-crossed (she does not believe she is cursed: this might have something to do with her impulsive and reckless nature, as she wouldn’t notice bad luck thrown on top of bad decisions. She is already used to mysterious consequences for things she totally-didn’t-do)



A devout follower of Nethys her entire 86 years, she ran into a problem early on in life when all the other kids could remember to wear shoes when climbing through caverns and beating up exploding beetles. Idoki led a wisdom 5 childhood (50 years longer than her playmates) stepping on such things before making her brain start up.

Largely without home or family, she devoted her time and patience to the temple that represented all of her ideals— without care of morals, without a quota to fill, without compassion… but not compelled to kill. Nethys was so accepting, and to a creature who lived in constant fear and oppression, he was her greatest savior. His priests were usually patient with her, if only because a rock could lie to her and she would believe it. She worked hard, just trying to stay out of the way.

She was eternally frustrated by her peers’ success. Even the idiots who could not count excelled far above her in the temple, leaving her behind to clean and shove aside. She resented everyone— the children who grew up so much faster than her, then the adults who looked down on her. As a superior race, she was shunned and turned away— by those too ignorant to even know her as anything but a common Kayal. But as much as she began to hate the followers of Nethys, as well as all clerics across the realms, she despised those outside of the church who did not use magic. She saw them as lazy, stealing and killing because they couldn’t contribute to society at large. She blamed their laziness for everything corrupt, and damned the material realm— for it contained the simplest creatures.

She grew to hate her own God, for it wasn’t enough to hate her fellow worshipers. If he granted magic to all, why couldn’t she perform? If he accepted all as long as they respected it, how come she wasn’t the most powerful of his followers? She had so little else to live for. She went to cast him aside, and in her rage, brought on the destruction of his purview. She shattered the space around her with her own innate energy, and finally saw that even she was not powerless. She accepted this call from Nethys, and turned her entire world into finding out how she could use other sources of magic.

This only made her more puzzled by the humans of light she’d read about. Herself, a failure who fought until she reached success, could even manage to improve the world. How was it that they continued to live without magic? That creatures unlike herself and her neighbours, not born with innate powers, did not strive to better themselves? She couldn’t simply claim they were too stupid, for she had been cursed with a clouded mind since birth. They must then be the most corrupt, the laziest, the most purposefully inevitability and efficiency-shunning creatures, too absorbed by their own pride as some unique flesh-ball to evolve into anything better. If the books were right, they were lesser races, not worthy of consideration.

(she feels the same of stupid people, as she considers herself a fool and over-compensates. She thinks that all of her intelligence is personal skill and perseverance. everyone else must, therefore, be lazy or worse than her)

Of course, then she was forced out into Golarion and her views have been persistently challenged ever since.

Idoki Tia'yeri

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