''Owlbear'' Hartshorn



’’Owlbear’’ Hartshorn is a large man with meaty fists. He’s a bit simple, and the rest of the crew enjoys having a laugh at the poor fellow’s expense. To try to make friends, Hartshorn has taken to clowning, laughing, and crying out random phrases at the top of his voice, as this seems to make people laugh. Owlbear likes to eat live crabs, breaking the shells with his teeth and fingers, and his shaved skin still shows signs of the tarring and feathering the crew gave him as a cruel joke not so long ago.

Since the mutiny, Cas has been spending extensive time supervising Owlbear, and attempt to undo some of the dangerous habits he developed as Plugg’s slave. Owlbear is making slow progress, and the crew is still very nervous around him. Nonetheless, he shows signs of improvement, and requires less managing each day.

Owlbear has not been seen since he and Cas deserted in Ilizmagorti.

Equipment carried: chain shirt


''Owlbear'' Hartshorn

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