Ostavius 'Ozzi' Albus

Human Cleric of Besmara


Captain of Besmara’s Gain


Ostavius Albus was born into poverty. His family, although of noble birth, sided with the wrong people and lost everything. He grew up poor and hungry. But his parents swore they would leave this place and travel back to the “Civilized World”. But when that day came, The Gods had different plans. The boat that Ostavius traveled on skirted too close to The Eye and was lost. All hands died but a young Ostavius, who survived by clinging to the broken mast. Dehydrated, drifting and near death, Ostavius had a strange vision of a terrible floating ship, bristling with weapons. A woman called to him telling in to carve his name on the ever changing sea with a saber of terror and triumph. Fight for plunder, fame and glory, and earn his place among the legends of the sea. When he awoke, he found himself surrounded by dead sea birds.

Ostavius washed up on a foreign shore dazed, damaged but alive. He swore, perhaps foolishly, to live by the Code he was taught. For this, she granted him her Divine Favour, but also made sure he would always suffer strife. Marooned, but not helpless, Ostavius lived by his wits and by selling his healing services to the local Treants and tribes and by picking through the flotsam that washed up on the shores (Living off of the avails of Piracy through savaging).

When the party found him, he was trapped in a valley surrounded by Vegepygmies. The local Treants had just abandoned him to his fate and he was very desperate. Oddly, the Goddess blessed him with a batch of suckers (I mean saviors) who needed a guide and a cleric. He quickly signed on not thinking the the Goddess was just playing him for a fool again.

Oszo, as he calls himself now (Which means “Bearer of Strife” in the local Polyglot) is thin from years of malnutrition. He is very greedy when it comes to food and has a habit of hoarding it (he will grab his portion of food and eat it away from the group storing and saving some “for latter”). He sometimes paints his face white and wears a necklace of small leg bones (effectively making his face a symbol of his Goddess. He would of looked this way when the party first met him in the jungle). He had a battered rapier and a his holy symbol, both things he found in some wreckage.

Ostavius 'Ozzi' Albus

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