Sandara Quinn

Human Cleric of Besmara



Sandara was very happy to see Scourge and Plugg die. She was even more happy to no longer be a slave, and was overjoyed at the prospect of being an officer and full crew member on The Sea Naga.

Sandara enjoys the whimsical atmosphere aboard The Moral High Ground, and has been effective in her role of Boatswain. She spends most of her job either translating what Idoki wants done for the crew, or anticipating what Idoki should want done.

Equipment carried: mwk studded leather armour, +1 rapier, mwk light crossbow, sap


Life is never easy, and Sandara Quinn’s life has been typical of that truism. The daughter of a poor fisherman and a seamstress, Sandara was raised in Hell Harbour. Her overworked parents had little time to spend with their daughter, and Sandara grew up on the port’s hard streets, where she quickly learned to look after herself. She worked on the docks when she could, carrying out what jobs she could get, and soon developed a keen eye for trouble and a reputation for standing up for herself.

She began frequenting the bars and taverns of Hell Harbour by the age of 9 and was learning the ropes of sailing by the age of 12. Sandara’s calling came one night when a fleet of fishermen, which included her father, was lost in a powerful storm. Sandara prayed to Besmara the Pirate Queen, the goddess of piracy, strife, and sea monsters, and when her father returned the following day, weatherbeaten and half-drowned but still alive, Sandara knew the goddess had answered her prayers. Soon after, Sandara began devoting her time to the worship of Besmara, eventually setting up a small chapel on the Hell Harbour docks dedicated to her.

She was taken aboard the Wormwood after rejecting Master Scourge’s advances by introducing his face to her tankard.

Sandara Quinn

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