Half-Elf Archaeologist


Tall, charming, and slightly condescending, Shaeak strikes an imposing figure. Accustomed to a scholarly environment, Shaeak tends to assume he has more worldly experience than those around him. Having survived a minor adventuring career before getting accepted into the Arcanamirium, he is used to being treated as a minor celebrity. At the same time, many of the wizards scoff at his minor magical talent, so he pairs his confidence with a need to prove himself. This makes him slightly obnoxious when his field of study is concerned.

He has kept most of the details of his findings to himself. Even before arriving at the shore, he has spent much of his time preparing his research paper on the expedition, sure that this will cement him into a position of prestige within the school. Fearful of someone stealing his thunder, he remains tight-lipped, giving only enough direction to move the group onwards.

Shaeak gave a great cry of excitement upon reaching the object of his quest, and dove to the disk with a frenzy. His research notes were among the possessions that crumbled with him upon his demise, so what result he expected remains a mystery.



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