Cursed by the Gods

Captain Ryrun's Log: Part 2

The 'Man' from Axis

I find myself dissatisfied.

That strange guardian from Axis was a magnificent swordsman. As I would expect from a denizen of that city, his movements were glorious in their refinement.

To fight him was the purest pleasure I have found in my years, and everything I had hoped to find when I set out from the marshlands.

But it was ruined. He resorted to petty magics to still my blade rather than face me with his life on the line.

Of course the others were watching and intervened as soon as it happened.

They destroyed him easily.

In truth I am not sure that I could have bested him in single combat. He was fast and his mastery undeniable, but imagine the glory I would have had with victory!

Although, even death at the hands of a master could be a beautiful thing indeed.

I pray that I will find another like him, another worthy opponent.

Above all I pray that the next time I find a worthy partner in the dance with death, that our perfection shall be unmarred by such disappointment.



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