Character Creation


All of the core races are permitted. As well, most of the additional races from the advanced race guide are also available. No Merfolk.


Paladin and Monk are not appropriate for this campaign. Beginning play as a wizard or alchemist is allowed, but don’t expect access to a spell book or alchemical reagents anytime soon, so you won’t get much from your class for awhile.

Any class that begins with a familiar/animal companion, be aware that depending on your selection, it will likely have been taken as well.


Lawful alignment is not appropriate for this campaign. I recommend reading the alignment section on the House Rules page (or skimming them… or questioning someone who might have read it). Default alignment is Neutral, though any combination of Good, Evil, Chaotic, and/or Neutral is available (though, I would strongly consider whether the character needs to be ‘capital G’ Good).

Angsty-Self-Pity-Good is not a valid alignment. Keel-hauling is a thing.


You have 20 build points to buy attributes. We are using the standard point buy system from the core rules


You get two character traits. These are selected from the Advanced Player’s Guide


Someone stole your bedroll, your flint and steel… they even took your 50’ silk rope!

On the plus side, this means you don’t have to worry about selecting starting equipment

Mythic Tier

Everyone gets to add a mythic tier after building their character.


You each have a curse chosen from the following list. Note that each curse comes with its own boon as well.

List of Curses

Character Creation

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